New PDF Editing Tool Brings Greater Control of PDF Format to Users

WinPDFEditor - Edit and Convert PDF Files Easily

PDFs have long been a staple for corporations looking for an easy and efficient way to transfer formatted information between workstations. The consistency and security of the PDF format are what have caused this filetype to remain the industry standard through generations of technology. However, the inability to easily edit PDFs have long been one of the greatest weaknesses of this format, and one that the development team of WinPDFEditor seeks to fix with its powerful new tool.

When WinPDFEditor loads a new document, it does much more than a typical PDF reader. Immediately the clean, minimalist interface opens up a toolkit of useful buttons and features for working with the data contained in the PDF. Special thumbnail and object navigators give users an easy way to select relevant portions of the document for quick editing, which is where this program truly excels.

The core functionality of WinPDFEditor is the ability to add new text and images to the document. These two features require little more than the click of the button, and make use of the full power of the PDF format’s special positioning techniues to ensure consistent display across devices and readers. WinPDFEditor also supports adding primitive shapes and rotating the entire document, allowing even more fine-tuned editing.

The program also includes a unique and easy-to-use object removal button. By simply clicking the eraser and then rubbing out images and text that they wish to delete, users can graphically edit the elements in the PDF intuitively. Finished products can have a watermark added, and can be saved permanently in a new file or directly into the already-existing PDF.

WinPDFEditor is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, and 8. Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions exist, ensuring that this software is compatible with all common modern architectures. To learn more about this incredible new program, interested potential users can visit WinPDFEdtior’s site at:

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